Electric Candles

I walked in to Pottery Barn the other day and saw a bunch of candles around the store. I thought to myself “great my kids will burn the store down when they knock these over”. 

Eventually I wondered over to play with some fire and realized these are fake. A flameless candle that tricked me from 6 feet away! So what makes this candle look so realistic?

Take a look. 



A yellowish light is cast onto a piece of plastic that is flame shaped. The plastic piece can move around because it is supported by a thin wire. There is a weight at it’s bottome, under the support wire. The flame piece is translucent so the light can be seen from both sides. It is also slightly cupped to make it more 3D and so you can see it from all sides. 

Good job Pottery Barn, and who ever is developing next generation electric candles. 

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