Shop Rags

I have this bucket full of dirty shop rags. Some of these rags are really saturated in grease and oil. I was trying to decide, throw them out or try to wash them. The whole point of a rag is that you launder them and use them again. So I decided to try and see if I could soak them to remove a majority of the grease and oil. I put the rags in a small bucket and filled it with hot water and a concentrated Oil Eater. I let it sit over night and the next day I dumped off some really nasty water. The rags where already looking much better so I tossed them in the washing machine and they came out looking pretty good. I would have to say that the pre-soak in Oil Eater was pretty impressive. I normally use Oil Eater around my stove and to clean the exhaust hood over the stove. Check it out, I got mine at Costco: Oil Eater

Since that worked so well I decided to purchase more rags. I found them bulk on ebay for cheap, 100 for $20 including shipping. I will give these a try instead of switching to paper towels. I love the toughness and feel of the rag over a paper towel. Here is the ebay link 100 INDUSTRIAL SHOP CLEANUP RAGS

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